Prepare to welcome Ramadan!

Ramadan is the holy month for which all the Muslims around the world wait excitedly .

We love the calmness within the hustle it brings . The anticipation for iftar time , The late night prayers , The quran recitation, The quiteness during sahoor time , The food ,The lights, the festive atmosphere and just everything . There is some different kind of purity in Ramadan nights and peace during the day. We literally feel drenched in Allah’s mercy and we just cant wait for it to arrive soon InshaAllah . May Allah let us all reach this beautiful and peaceful month.

So with Ramadan just around the corner I thought to list someways in which you can prepare for the holy month and thereby spend quality time in your ibadah rather than in other things . Here are 6 things you can do beforehand to make more time during Ramadan .

Declutter your home:

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Remember when any important guests were coming to your place how your mother made you clean every nook and corner of the house and removed every bit of junk in sight ? Now imagine Ramadan as the important guest who is visiting you and just get started again!.

When there is too much clutter around you , you cant focus on your prayers or anythingelse for that matter . To get that khushoo in your ibadah you need to declutter not only your homes but also your mind .When your mind is stress free you will feel the sweetness in your prayers and your duas will be more focused.

I get anxiety attacks when i see too much stuff piling up at my home . I just cant function . There are studies that show too much of clutter can sometime lead to DEPRESSION too…So start by decluttering your home and it will eventually declutter your mind .(shooting two birds with one arrow )

Other ways to declutter your mind are:

  • Prioritize : write down the things important to you and prioritize them . , this way you will know where you have to spend your most energy on.
  • Stop Worrying : Easier said than done huh?! You can try to do it this way . Write down all the things that your worried about on a paper and think about the ways to solve it .If you find no solution include it in your dua list and make dua to Allah to help you solve it .and if you have a way of solving it make a plan and get started on it.
  • Do more of things which relaxes you


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With all the decluttering done you will be able to organize your home in a way that is Ramadan friendly .

The most important room which needs to be organized is the Kitchen . Make sure everything is clean and in order which will make your cooking a breeze and you dont have to spend too much time there. Take out that beautiful cuttlery which is meant only for the guests and use it for your iftar time making it a little more special.

Organize your Quran shelf . Try to keep a seperate copy of Quran for each member of family so that everybody can read with thier own pace and there is no confusion.

Decorate your home :

Decorate your home to get into the spirit of Ramadan

Image courtesy:Pinterest
Image courtesy:Pinterest

you can download printable image from here

Print out an image of iftar time like above , laminate it and place it near your iftar table on which you can update the iftar time regularly.

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Put up beautiful fairy lights and bring in the spirit of festivities.

Print and cut out beautiful banners like these and put it up in your living room

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You can download free printable Ramadan decor from this link :

Try to make a particular spot for prayers and decorate it with beautiful framed ayahs and you can also place a white board near it and write down the dua of the day on it . Wash your salah mats and perfume them with beautiful scents and keep them near your prayer spot .

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This is a month of which you wouldnt wanna waste a single second . Where time feels like a blessing this might be the most important thing to do before Ramadan which am sure most of us already follow.

Stock up on your ration for the entire month except the fruits and veggies ofcourse . Stock up on that Rooh-e-hafza . Stock up on those samosas and spring rolls .

Make a list of all the things you need to buy for iftar and suhoor . You can also include something to give for charity in your local mosque. This way you will not be over spending and also save yourself from buying unnecessary stuff which will again lead to clutter .

Download this free printable shopping list and get started:

What I like to do is to cook 3 or 4 meals and freeze it which can be quickly heated and used for sahoor or dinner . I also like to boil some pasta beforehand and freeze it so it can b used later , it really saves a lot of time .

Detoxify from social media:

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I know this is the hardest one to do but the most important one if we want to make the most of this beautiful month .

So try to get into the habit of limiting the use of your phone or social media from a month before so that its easy for you to give it up when we enter Ramadan .

I used to uninstall the app on which i tend to spend most of my time . I couldnt do it last year which Iam guilty of . But am planning to limit the use of social media to 1 hour a day this Ramadan , InshaAllah . You can try it too and let me know how it goes.

Plan it out :

I cant stress this enough . Planning makes everything easy . The first and foremost plan you need to make here is the Meal Plan .

Plan all your meals for iftar and sahoor / dinner . Even if you cant stick to the plan you will atleast have an idea of what to cook, because as everyone knows the most difficult part of cooking is to decide what to cook . You can also make weekly plans according to the ingredients you have .

You can download this meal plan printable from this link

Next is to plan your activities . Set your Ramadan goals and make plans to achieve them . Goals without a plan are just dreams. So work towards them. For example my goals for this Ramadan are

  • To complete the Quran; for which I plan to read five pages of Quran after every prayer in this way I will be able to complete one juz everyday InshaAllah .
  • To memorize the first 10 ayah of Surah Kahf; To achieve this I plan to memorize one ayah each day and for the rest of 20 days ill include these verses in my prayers which will help me in memorizing it .
  • To be consistent in my morning and evening azkaars.; For this I plan to put reminders in my phone after every Fajr and Maghrib salah.

May Allah help us all in achieving our goals.

Here is the Free download link to the Ramadan Quran Chart: qurantableblank2.pdf

Prepare a dua list:

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I started doing this since last Ramadan . Before that I use to make duas without thinking about what Iam actually asking for. Doing this has certainly given me clarity and I can make sure I did not leave out anything .

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Preparing a dua list clears your mind and make your duas precise and focused .

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Dont forget to include oppressed Muslims all around the world in your duas . Keep us in your prayers too .

You can download your free printable dua list using this link :

Last but not the least complete your missed fasts if you havent done it yet!

May Allah accept all our prayers , duas and ibadahs.

With love,


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