6 ways for a SAHM to feel more productive!

Helloo lovelies. How are you all doing?

Ever since I had twins a year back my health, daily routine, literally my whole life has been a rollercoaster ride with most of the days going downwards . Soon i started to get this overwhelming feeling of worthlessness. The culprit being the social media, where every other person was doing something which i wanted to do so badly .

So with this new year I resolved to take more control of my life and atleast try to be a “little more” productive. I say “little more” because we moms are already doing the most productive job of raising tiny little hoomans into responsible and self sufficient adults.

So here are the 6 ways which you can try out to feel like you’re rocking this thing called life .

Make a to do list:


As clichè as it may sound this is the best thing you can do for yourself. Make a list of tasks you want to complete in a day and tick them one by one as you get them done.Take it slow , dont set too many tasks for a day which will drain all your energy, leaving you feeling more miserable and losing the sole purpose of this step.

No matter how many times you clean that living room it’s gonna get messy with your minions around, so try to clean up before you go to bed. That way you will atleast wake up to a clean home and a sense of accomplishment.

Find a hobby:


As my husband says we women are the captain of our familyship.To maintain the smooth sailing of this ship the captain needs some time to cool off where they can release their stress without disturbing others’ sanity . It is imperative to take care of your mental and physical health . As the saying goes “You cant pour from an empty vessel”. To pour out love and warmth you need to give yourself some time where you can connect with your inner self .

Find some kind of activity which serves as a stress buster, it could be anything from cooking, gym, painting, baking, knitting. There are plethora of options you can try, until you find your calling.

I took baking classes with the dream of owning a cute and pretty patisserie one day which by the way is a long time goal. I also took calligraphy classes and discovered my interest in art and hand lettering. These are my happy places. Try to find your places of retreat to get your sanity back and sail your ship smoothly. Ahoy! Captain!

Start an online buisness:

“If you are good at some thing, Never do it for free.”

How true are these words?! You can live by this mantra and start an online buisness where you can provide your services from the comfort of your home and be your own boss, while putting your experience and knowledge to use.

Write a blog :


Well .., what do you think this blog is a byproduct of? You can start blogging on instagram too, meet other fellow bloggers (nice way to meet likeminded people without stepping out of home) or you can purchase a domain name and start a proper blog . This might become your happy place especially if you love writing .

Take an online course:


There is no limit to gain knowledge. Take up some course online! Want to learn a new language? Just do it online. Remembet knowledge is never wasted. The best part is you dont need to spend hours on deciding what to wear for your class!



This is a great way to feel good about yourself. It is a win win option where you get to meet new people and make new friends while being productive. You can volunteer at any local events or old age homes .The sense of accomplishment and gratitude this sort of work gives is priceless.

So, here you go these are some of the ways of being productive I could think of, let me know if you have any more ideas.

Even if you dont get time to do any of these, just remember you are already doing a great job of being there for your family

Stay happy, stay motivated!.

Until then ,

Take care supermammas,


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