5 Tv shows and movies to watch during Quarantine

Living in isolation and having nothing to do is something we all have to go through in this quarantine period. It gets a little difficult with having nothing to do around the house except hoping and praying that everything goes back to normal. So I have made a list of 5 movies and tv shows that can get you through this difficult quarantine! (Available on Netflix). You can also check out my 5 top self-development books to read during self-quarantine.

It’s a thriller that you won’t be able to stop watching. It will keep you pinned to the screen the whole time. It is a classic story of guy meets girl but here the guy is a serial stalker. You’ll have shifts of feelings for him as he does things going out of the way for the girl but then put her in the cage when he feels threatened by her. The third season is on it’s way and I honestly cannot wait for it.

YOU netflix series

Brooklyn 99
This show has everything; positive messages, witty humour, amazing cast, gritty crime drama. It is one of the most light hearted shows on netflix and i always put on an episode when i just want a light watch sometimes. You’ll ofcourse have your favourites in the show and mine is Gina Linetti. Her sass and sarcasm is so upto the point and I’m sure many of you will love her! Watch it for a laugh when you feel sulky.

Brooklyn nine-nine tv series
Brooklyn 99

American Crime Story: The People vs OJ Simpson
This show tops my list because of the breathtaking, dramatic, gripping representation of the real life case of OJ Simpson. This show gets very interesting because it keeps you on your toes by it’s almost identical representation of facts and also because it’a a real life case. It is an amazing depiction of the gruesome murders of his wife Nicole Simpson and her friend, Ron Goldman. The case was the most popular and widely watched trial on television of that time. It was called the trial of the century. The ‘dream team’ of lawyers on the defense team was a sight to see. I have watched the real court clips on youtube as well and the details were so closely matched that it feels like you went back in time and watched the real case on television.

The people vs. O.J.Simpson
The People vs OJ Simpson

Forrest Gump
Tom Hanks as and in Forrest Gump is a feast to watch. Tom Hanks is one of my favourite actors in Hollywood. Its about a person who has a low I.Q but has a big heart. With a pure and simple soul, who follows his mother’s words as he lives his life. He gets into situations where normally people do not expect him to be but he still manages to pull off those jobs and surprisingly excel at those. This movie will make your heart full and will change the way you look at people.

Forrest Gump
Forrest Gump

• The Shining
This movie is an adaptation of the best seller novel “The Shining” by Stephen King. This movie is about a family who lives in isolation in a hotel in Winters. Mother, Father and the son live in this haunted hotel all by themselves. This movie will give you chills for sure. I won’t give anymore spoilers because you have to watch this to experience it.

Fun fact: Stephen King actually wrote the book when he was alone in a haunted hotel with his wife and experienced paranormal activity. This inspired him to write the book.

The Shining
The Shining

These Netflix tv shows and movies will keep you occupied for a few days! Make sure to drop down your favourite series or movies!


April 9, 2020 at 7:57 am

I loved American Crime Story! You should watch the next series about versace that was very good too

August 4, 2020 at 2:16 pm

Best you can see in the morning !

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